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Month: January 2016

The Benefits of Magento e-Commerce Platform

Nowadays we can’t imagine our life without e-commerce and it is a fact that more and more people prefer to search for the necessary products online, compare them, read feedbacks and reviews, and finally buy something. The e-commerce market is a very significant channel for both buyers and brands, and nowadays famous brands can’t afford not to be present online. This trend makes e-Commerce business very attractive and many merchants open their online shops. There are a lot of opportunities for this, such as SaaS solutions and e-Commerce Software. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of Magento e-platform. GoMage Company, a team of Magento experts and Magento extensions developer, describes the main benefits of this solution and gives a clear explanation for technical and non-technical specialists. (For more information about the company, visit this page)

Magento is the largest open source e-platform. According to statistics, 1 out of 4 merchants chooses this platform to develop their online stores. Magento Community Edition is free and can be used by anyone. But it is important to understand that this platform cannot be configured as a “simple constructor” by any users. All operations have to be done by professional developers who have special skills and experience. Let’s review some features of the platform.


Marketing.  Magento has a number of marketing features such as loyalty programs, coupons, deals, that allow merchants to attract potential clients and promote products more effectively. In Magento admin panel, there are a lot of useful Marketing reports such as Abandon Carts Visitors, Most Viewed Products, Customers Reviews Report, Low Stock Products, Search Terms Reports and many others.  It is possible to select clients’information by different criteria, create different segments and, if it is necessary, to export data in Excel format.

SEO instruments. All search engines recognizeMagento platform that is why merchants can have better ranks for their websitesin search results. It is possible to use Meta content, rel=canonical tag, top-level URLs, search-friendly URLs, and redirections.

Payment and delivery methods. There are more than 12 payment gateways integrated with this platform and more than 80 extensions to organize payments in the online store. Also, Magento works with all of the most popular shipping carriers. Such integration helps to avoid losing clients due to some required payment or delivery methods being unavailable.

Some Technical Information

Framework. Magento is designed using Zend Framework in PHP. PHP is a professional server side scripting language. This fact makes Magento platform very flexible and easy to find the required resources because PHP is widely used across many other platforms.

Customization and Adoption. Because Magento is an open source platform, it can be adapted to any individual needs, which is important for highly competitive environment in e-commerce.

Scalability. Any online store is developing continuously and the flow of visitors can change extremely fast. Magento platform is ready to support any scalability at any time. So, if the online business has expanded and has high traffic volume, it is not necessary to create a new online store.

Magento has a huge Developer Community which includes a lot of certified developers. So, in this way it is very easy to choose a reliable partner who can help to develop an online store based on Magento. The Community is strongly supported by Magento Company and is constantly being checked for qualification.  The availability of more than 5000 extensions makes the adaptation of the platform quicker and easier, and significantly reduces the duration of the project. Moreover, if it is necessary, Magento can be integrated with most of ERP, CRM or other systems.

Recent milestones

Until November 2015, Magento was owned by the eCommerce brand eBay. On the 2nd of November, it was announced that Magento Commerce became an independent company, backed by the Permira funds. The same month, a long-awaited new version – Magento Community Edition 2.0 was released. The new version contains a lot of technical improvements, such as: improved application programming interface (API), extensions conflict resolution tools, a framework for automated testing, new layouts, performance and scalability improvements. It is only a brief overview. Magento 2 gives a lot of additional advantages for online business development. You can find more information about Magento 2 here or visit the site

How To Gain Jason Aldean’s Most Popular Songs

Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean is one of the world’s most popular country singers today. Since he first came on the scene in 2005 with Broken Bow Records, he has released six studio albums along with twenty-four singles. He has had a range of success, from single platinum to triple platinum. Many of his songs have proven to be number one on records charts of all kinds. Of all of his songs, however, some have stood out amongst the sea of country songs. The popular concerts of Jason Aldean have become people’s favorites and given people countless memories.

“Johnny Cash”

“Johnny Cash” is from Jason Aldean’s 2007 album “Relentless”. It was also the first single that was released from this album. Despite being only two years into his career, this song was his third gold single. What also makes this song so appealing to so many people is the music video. In the video, it has some of the most important things to any man – a beautiful woman, and a beautiful car. Of course, Aldean is also in it and shows audiences his flirty side. It is a fun song that has entertained listeners since its creation.

“Dirt Road Anthem”

“Dirt Road Anthem” is from Aldean’s 2010 album “My Kinda Party”. It has been a very controversial song, with many people criticizing it for being too far out of Aldean’s repertoire, but many people have found that they enjoy the change, and enjoy seeing and listening to Aldean go outside of his comfort zone. It has been a huge success on the radio and on the billboard charts. It was one of Aldean’s highest earning songs, which has earned it its place on this list as one of Aldean’s most popular songs. The proof is in the numbers.


“She’s Country”

“She’s County” is one of Aldean’s most well-known songs, and is from his 2009 album “Wide Open”. This was one of the songs which revitalized his career. After several songs which did not have as strong of a response from fans, “She’s Country” brought back the fans who may have looked elsewhere for songs that are more their style. While it was a strong song when it was first released, it continues to be a strong seller, with people continuing to buy it and play it on the radio. It has proven to be an extremely successful song for Aldean throughout the years.

“Big Green Tractor”

“Big Green Tractor” has shown itself to be by far the most popular song of Aldean’s when you look at every factor. It spent the most time at number 1 on the charts, as well as having the most digital downloads of any song of his. It was another song on his 2009 “Wide Open” album. When it was released, it was well received by both fans and critiques and has remained a powerhouse in his career. It has effortlessly remained one of his most requested songs, one which is still played on the radio today.

2016 will see Jason Aldean back on tour with We Were Here. This tour follows Jason’s wildly successful Burn It Down concert series which toured the US in 2015. With a new single expected in the spring, and a follow-up album in the summer, his 2016 concert tour is sure to be amazing. The new album is promised to be more “rock oriented.”

Science And Law Facts About Safe Driving

What does science say?

Vehiclesdo notalways perform as you expect them to turn when turning the steering wheel in the desired direction or to stop when you hit the brakes that is why it is crucial to have winter tires, plus you will be avoiding fight traffic ticket mississauga.

Given the fact that the contact with the car’s path is achieved by tire friction between the tires and the asphalt which is a key factor in driving.

drive-safe_girl.jpg (500×334)

The coefficient of friction can range from 0 (where friction between two objects does not exist) to 1 (the maximum possible friction). Quality tires in contact with the completely dry asphalt have a good ratio.

When these same tires are run on a wet road, the coefficient is already falling to 0.7, which is not too dangerous, but requires increased vigilance while driving.

However, the snow changes things dramatically. Coefficient falls to only 0.15, while in the case of ice to only 0.08.

This means that friction in winter driving conditions (snow or ice) is 10 times lower than the friction when driving on dry asphalt and temperatures are above 0 degrees Celsius.

Now that we are armed with theoretical knowledge, it is time to learn something about the law

When starting to drive from a certain place moderately press the gas until you feel that the vehicle has been moved from the place and that the wheels have good contact with the ground.
If due to snow you cannot move, try into first gear and reversed, moving the vehicle less back and forth until it pulls out of the snow.

Reduced friction between the tires and the road surface will cause a prolonged time to stop, so the braking should start much earlier, applying less compressive force command than when driving on dry land. Thus you will be avoiding loss of control while braking.
It should be borne in mind that to stop the vehicle it may take two, three or five times more compared to when stopping on dry land.

When driving to a hill, try to evenly hold the gas and do not stop needlessly. If the car in front of you stops, ensure to leave enough clearance to go again, consideringwhat can possibly happen – move backwards.

Although you probably know that it is extremely difficult to stop the car in bad weather conditions, some drivers ignore that fact and continue to drive just like the road is dry. How to know that the driver who has to cut the road will be able to stop the car? Not sure about that, but it’s important to always keep a bigger distance in orderto afford a safe stopping.

When you change lane, make sudden steering movements and do not add gas, because you could lose control of the vehicle.

At any time during driving, it is important to be fully concentrated and more cautious than normal because of driving mistakes that might happen.

How I Saved Big With A Vitamix Promotion Code

I make heavy use of a blender in my kitchen since I make a lot of soups, sauces, juices, and other pureed foods. I probably use my blender at least once or twice a day, so I need to make sure that it is working all the time. When my blender broke down recently, I knew that I had to replace it right away.

I spent some time researching my different options, and like a lot of people, I came to the conclusion that Vitamix was the brand for me. Their blenders had lots of different features and were very versatile. Almost all of the reviews that I read about these blenders were very positive, so I decided to switch to their brand.

To save money, though, I wanted to find a Vitamix promotion code that I could use. Whenever I order something online, I always like to take some time looking for discount codes and coupons that I can use. I have found that there are a lot of codes available online, and many of them can be used to save quite a bit of money on an order.

It did not take me long to find a site that had all sorts of promotion codes and discounts available for a wide range of products. I did a search for “Vitamix” and was quickly taken to a page that listed all sorts of Vitamix promotion codes. By using these codes, I could easily qualify for free shipping on my order and get the lowest price possible.

Before I used the code, however, I was careful to double-check it to make sure that it was valid. I have had some bad experiences in the past with promotion codes that turned out to be invalid, or even invented, and I did not want to repeat these problems. Fortunately, the codes that I found all checked out, so I was able to use them without any trouble.

I placed my order and entered the code when I was checking out. I was very happy to discover that I not only got free shipping on my order, but that I was also able to receive a very low price on the blender. Another nice touch was that the free shipping was still quite swift. Some sites offer free shipping, but this can take two to three weeks for delivery. My blender was waiting at my front door within three or four days.

I set it up and tried it out right away, and so far I am very impressed. My new Vitamix blender performs admirably on every task I use it for. It makes great soups and sauces, and I have whipped up delicious smoothies for my whole family. I am very glad that I was able to find a Vitamix promotion code that I could use. By doing so, I was able to replace my old blender right away with a new one that works a lot better.

How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs Fast

“Man boobs” looks equally awkward as it sounds. One of the biggest physical problem that a man can go through in his life is the time period he has man boobs. He not only has to hide is body in front of everyone but also has to wear baggy clothes in order to avoid showing the shape of his chest. A lot of people who are suffering from this problem starts exercising and expect this boobs to be the first thing that start to shrink, but unfortunately this is not the case. There is no strict rule as to which art of the body starts decreasing first as a result of exercise. It varies from body to body therefore; you have to reduce the weight of your entire body in order to get rid of these unwanted boobs.

moobsop.jpg (732×412)

You not only have to exercise but also have to make a proper working out and diet plan and stick to it till you get the desired outcome. If you leave it in the middle then the result can be even bad, thus you need to make sure that you continue you plan till you achieve the desired results. Following are the two important ways with the help of which you will be able to rid of man boobs quickly:

Interval Training:

Doing good workout sessions will help in boosting your metabolism. This training is very intense therefore you need to make sure that your trainer does not allow you to do it for very long hours. The entire session lasts for 20 to 25 minutes maximum. During the entire session the trainer only aims to make you do the hard exercises for 20 to 30 seconds only following with one to two minutes of easy cardio. This process is repeated 8 to 15 times in an entire sessions depending on the strength and energy level of the person.

_main_massive_chest_0.jpg (1188×1028)

Consult a doctor:

You must also consult a doctor before you start you work out sessions because there are times man boobs occur due to a hormonal dis balance and if this is the case then you need to treat it by medicine also. People who have man boobs due to hormonal problems will never be able to get rid of this problem until and unless their hormones get back to normal. Therefore, before doing such hard and tiring exercises it is better to consult a doctor as hormones mostly get better with proper medications.

A lot of men nowadays believe that operation is the only option left to reduce man boobs either because they have been consuming wrong products or doing wrong exercises. Pushups and cardio plays a vital role in helping a man to reduce its chest and get a flat looking chest. Just be dedicated and believe in yourself and you will be able to see the results soon it may take some time but doing the right exercising and consuming the legalsteroids will surely help you. Never give up on yourself as looking good is your right.

3 Tips To Avoiding Bad Guys

As terrorism continues to haunt people across the globe, the need for adequate security measures both at office and home has increased. Today not only commercial sites and governmental departments but residential areas to require tight safety and security checks to keep intruders away. Incidences of theft and robbery are increasing and hackers are now able to break in even the smartest security appliances and this call for intelligent solutions to safeguard the property and lives of the loved ones.

3 Ways to safeguard home and residential areas

People either hire security guards or watchmen or invest in high-end security appliances to keep their homes safe and secure. Affording a full-time guard may not be feasible for the majority of the people across the globe because of limited space and financial resources. Investing in high-end security appliances is a wise way to maintain an appropriate level of security and protect the lives of family and safeguard valuable assets and belongings. Following are some tips to help people get the right security for their home so that they can live peacefully without any fear of external threat.

Invest in smart security solutions

There a number of manufacturers providing people around the world with intelligent and smart security products that are user-friendly, generate automatic responses, and function digital over Wi-Fi connecting users with their home no matter where they are. Smart security appliances are affordable, easy to install, operate, and can be customized according to the user’s needs and preferences.  Smart cameras, intelligent alarms, video monitoring systems, smart thermostat, intercoms, and digital door sensors and bells are some of the most sought after security appliances that people use to protect their home.

Sign a contract for home automation system

Home automation systems are ideal for accomplishing the goal of smart homes. Smart homes are residential places where the residents have firm control over the temperature, security, and safety. These systems are usually monitored by professionals and security companies offer contracts which users sign and pay monthly subscription fees so that the security of their homes always gets monitored by professionals. Learn about Smartthings security reviews and get to know more about home automation systems.

DIY security options

Besides professional monitoring systems, many DIY security options have been launched in the market where the user is able to install, configure, and operate the security systems on their low and monitor the security of their place without professional help. These systems are affordable and help people save money as no professional help is involved.

These are some of the major security measures that people can exercise to make their homes safer and more secure and safeguard their loved ones and hard earned money from intruders, thieves, and bad guys.

Outdoor Water Feature Ideas – Amazing Options You Can Consider For Your Exterior Décor

These days, people love building large mansions. Nevertheless, if you do not have the necessary amount of finances then you can consider transforming your house into one beautiful place. If you want to decorate your house in the best possible manner then you need to opt for incredible outdoor water feature ideas. These tend to be one of the best outdoor accessories that can aid in providing an amazing luxurious outlook to your domicile.

make-backyard-water-feature.jpg (640×480)

Water happens to be one of the most peaceful and calm ingredients that help in relieving anxiety and stress. It helps you give a rugged and natural outlook to your home. Waterfalls, small ponds, pools, and fountains are some of the great options available when it is about beautifying your home’s garden area. They help in adding serenity to your home’s exterior and also help beautify the visual appearance of your backyard.

There are several different types of outdoor water feature ideas available in the market. You can find outdoor water features that suit your needs and requirements. Below are some innovative outdoor water features ideas that can help you add more charm to your garden area.


Having an amazing waterfall in your backyard offers a natural feel to your exterior. You can easily relax yourself by sitting beside a fountain. You can cover any part of your landscape by installing a small or even large sized waterfall. In addition, the trickling sound of the gushing water offers a magical and soothing ambiance to your domicile. Several types of materials are available these days and you can opt for any one of them that matches your current décor.

Water Cascades

Water spouts are another amazing water feature nowadays. From being simple to attractive, an extensive range of water fountains are easily available in the markets. Fountains are cast out of several materials which mainly include slate, marble, stone, fiberglass and many others. Certain accessories are also made available to enhance the beauty of these water fountains. Adding a lighting and musical effect to your fountain certainly adds a bit of attraction along a charismatic effect to your setting. Moreover, there are hand crafted water fountains as well that are easily accessible to add a classy outlook to your house. There are solar fountains as well that are gaining utmost popularity nowadays. You can consider buying any one of these.

All the details provided here will aid you in obtaining an attention-grabbing outdoor water feature ideas. You just need to ensure that the water feature you opt for enhances the outdoor beauty of your landscape.