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Some Great Benefits Of Having Dedicated Servers For Dedicated Server Hosting

30 years back, website hosting with shared server hosting was common within the website hosting business, people found shared website hosting to become a wonderful website hosting option simply because they only have to purchase a well low monthly charges to obtain the net hosting support and functions they have to manage their websites. A shared website hosting sharktech  mightn’t are good today for many of the internet business-as the things they have already been some 20-30 years back. Due to the intense games among internet business today, features for example velocity, protection, up time operating, bandwidth isn’t a thing that is good to possess no further, but instead they’re the conditions in most website hosting plan.

dreamhost-web-hosting.jpeg (320×200)

An extremely apparent change could be observed where nearly all shared hosting internet users change to some dedicated hosting of these modern times. This change of pattern is unsurprising in the market, as there’s an entire listing of advantages that the internet users can purchased via a specific web hosting when compared with shared hosting.
Let’s realize why a lot of people still prepared to purchase the larger price for this kind of hosting server and walkthrough these important advantages of dedicated server hosting.

1. Dedicated server hosting is very good in supporting site numerous software in parallel etc, with high-volume traffic, complicated gaming program, technology-intensive software.

2.They will be supported by the sponsor with resources and the required application for this modification.

3. Having a dedicated hosting plan, customers are permitted to host sites and numerous distinct site in the same time.

4. If you should be on the dedicated server, that you don’t have to be worried about the issue of getting to talk about bandwidth and the net space with other customers since you would be the sole owner and person on that dedicated server. You’re the exclusive operator who’s eligible for use just as space and much bandwidth which you want to without any restriction.

5. You may be assured that there’s any private information which you have on the site or no their 3rd party which may look in your website articles. There’s no means any disease might enter site or your host if you don’t brought them in yourself. High-security control is among most critical function which a separate server would include.

Ways Used By People To Find Information About People:

Use a cell phone directory:

A cell phone directory contains some basic information about people such as their country, state and name and it is possible that many government organizations might have the records of a person by name and if you are looking for a long lost friend and would like to look him up using his name, you might get information about where he is staying in addition to get his number and you can simply call him to know if he still owns that number.

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Use Social Network Sites:

With the advancement in social media and since people have started to use LinkedIn to develop a profile which can be used by the employers to know more about an applicant for a particular job, many people have started to give their phone number on such sites such as Facebook, Twitter which makes it easy for their friends to find the people they are looking for or the person who can be right for a job and these sites make people accessible to the people searching for them.

Search on Google:

Google is the king of searching and thus if you simply put the name of a person or phone number on Google, it is very likely that you will find some information about that person because he might have some links with a company or might have done some work which must be published somewhere and it will appear on Google to help you anything which might be useful in knowing about that person as sometimes even a small hint can help you to get in contact with your long lost and disappeared friend.

Pay for getting details:

There are some websites on the internet where you can get information about a person by typing his name or number and then they will require you to pay them some money to get further details and you may use this method if you feel like spending money on these websites depending upon the urgency of your situation


You might not always find any information about a person you want to find if you only know their name or phone number as many people nowadays have privacy concerns and do not allow any website or social site to disclose their details, thus be prepared that you might not find anything about a person.

The Benefits of Magento e-Commerce Platform

Nowadays we can’t imagine our life without e-commerce and it is a fact that more and more people prefer to search for the necessary products online, compare them, read feedbacks and reviews, and finally buy something. The e-commerce market is a very significant channel for both buyers and brands, and nowadays famous brands can’t afford not to be present online. This trend makes e-Commerce business very attractive and many merchants open their online shops. There are a lot of opportunities for this, such as SaaS solutions and e-Commerce Software. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of Magento e-platform. GoMage Company, a team of Magento experts and Magento extensions developer, describes the main benefits of this solution and gives a clear explanation for technical and non-technical specialists. (For more information about the company, visit this page)

Magento is the largest open source e-platform. According to statistics, 1 out of 4 merchants chooses this platform to develop their online stores. Magento Community Edition is free and can be used by anyone. But it is important to understand that this platform cannot be configured as a “simple constructor” by any users. All operations have to be done by professional developers who have special skills and experience. Let’s review some features of the platform.


Marketing.  Magento has a number of marketing features such as loyalty programs, coupons, deals, that allow merchants to attract potential clients and promote products more effectively. In Magento admin panel, there are a lot of useful Marketing reports such as Abandon Carts Visitors, Most Viewed Products, Customers Reviews Report, Low Stock Products, Search Terms Reports and many others.  It is possible to select clients’information by different criteria, create different segments and, if it is necessary, to export data in Excel format.

SEO instruments. All search engines recognizeMagento platform that is why merchants can have better ranks for their websitesin search results. It is possible to use Meta content, rel=canonical tag, top-level URLs, search-friendly URLs, and redirections.

Payment and delivery methods. There are more than 12 payment gateways integrated with this platform and more than 80 extensions to organize payments in the online store. Also, Magento works with all of the most popular shipping carriers. Such integration helps to avoid losing clients due to some required payment or delivery methods being unavailable.

Some Technical Information

Framework. Magento is designed using Zend Framework in PHP. PHP is a professional server side scripting language. This fact makes Magento platform very flexible and easy to find the required resources because PHP is widely used across many other platforms.

Customization and Adoption. Because Magento is an open source platform, it can be adapted to any individual needs, which is important for highly competitive environment in e-commerce.

Scalability. Any online store is developing continuously and the flow of visitors can change extremely fast. Magento platform is ready to support any scalability at any time. So, if the online business has expanded and has high traffic volume, it is not necessary to create a new online store.

Magento has a huge Developer Community which includes a lot of certified developers. So, in this way it is very easy to choose a reliable partner who can help to develop an online store based on Magento. The Community is strongly supported by Magento Company and is constantly being checked for qualification.  The availability of more than 5000 extensions makes the adaptation of the platform quicker and easier, and significantly reduces the duration of the project. Moreover, if it is necessary, Magento can be integrated with most of ERP, CRM or other systems.

Recent milestones

Until November 2015, Magento was owned by the eCommerce brand eBay. On the 2nd of November, it was announced that Magento Commerce became an independent company, backed by the Permira funds. The same month, a long-awaited new version – Magento Community Edition 2.0 was released. The new version contains a lot of technical improvements, such as: improved application programming interface (API), extensions conflict resolution tools, a framework for automated testing, new layouts, performance and scalability improvements. It is only a brief overview. Magento 2 gives a lot of additional advantages for online business development. You can find more information about Magento 2 here or visit the site

The Hacked News- A One Stop Platform For All Updates And News From The World Of It And Cyber

Imagine living in a world without internet, computers, and smartphones. Blacked out? It should definitely be. Internet is ruling over our lives and whether its communication, academics, business, or research, one simply cannot afford to survive in this ever competitive world without the aid and assistance of web and computers. Mobile devices and laptops powered by intelligent operating systems and web help people to do wonders in their respective fields. But what is more important is the command over the latest IT techniques so that more useful solutions can be derived for making lives easier and effortless.

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A one of its kind platform:

Not every person on the planet is tech savvy and one requires help and assistance to learn and understand current trends and latest technologies to make the most out of their systems and gadgets. The Hacked News is providing a unique platform with the help of which users from across the globe can obtain all the fresh and latest scoops from the information technology sector. One does not need to hover from one site to another to get news from various media and it sectors as hacked news is providing an assortment of articles from variety of areas to help readers get all their desired information at on single platform

Reliable and timely news

The web has been flooded with hundreds of blogs and sites dedicated to provide users with the cyber news from across the globe. What these sites lack is the breaking of news in a timely fashion. The sites are not updated regularly making readers drift away. Hacked news publishes fresh and new content regularly in a well-organized and precise fashion. Articles are posted using simple and easy to understand language and variety of areas are covered.

Cross-platform compatible

The hacked news has been designed to allow users to explore and read the articles over different platforms. The site opens smoothly and navigates seamlessly over mobile devices including smartphones and tabs. The website is also well-optimized for web with a clutter-free design allowing readers to click and read news without any lag.

Authentic and well-researched news articles

Many websites just spin and copy news from other platforms. Hacked news publishes well-researched news that is innovative, precise, and authentic. The writers and experts spend their valuable time and effort in gathering latest news from around the world about current trends and happening in the world of IT and digital media and present it to the readers after hours of research.

Jump to the site today and experience a user-friendly, well-designed, and authentic news and media platform that satisfy all your urges for latest updates and launches in the cyber world.

Many Benefits Of “Whatsapp On Pc”

Whatsapp had become the biggest message system all over the world. Jan Koum created Whatsapp Inc. and Mind Acton, who had been the previous workers at Yahoo Inc. Whatsapp was started for Android cellular devices and quickly come to Windows, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry OS. This served whatsapp on pc its recognition to improve through the planet. It’s running over 30 million messages daily which created Facebook- the biggest social media site to buy this software in a fine cost of US $19 million on 19th February 2014. Facebook and different messaging application companies will create a great company from and can compete without a lot of work.

whatsapp-para-pc.png (640×350)

Benefits of Applying Whatsapp

A few of the great benefits of using Whatsapp are:

It is simple to send communications that are free with no costs to any area of the world. This service is totally free.

All resources supplied by Whatsapp are extremely simple to use.

It doesn’t have any ads on the screen.

This application lets you know that many of the friends are using Whatsapp and imports the connections from your own telephone.

You may share your local area, pictures, standing with your friends.

You’ll need not commit anything for discussing and talking with your friends.

Anything having an advantage level also offers some bad things too. Here are a few of the shortcomings of the amazing application:

You can talk with friends and also to friends that just have smartphones supporting this software. You may simply send 100 messages in per month to friends lacking Whatsapp on the phone.

You’ll want use of web get and to deliver communications for free as well as the communications will also be not delivered to the telephone mailbox.

You have to spend $0.99 for restoration after each year.

You can’t phone by using this application for free for your friends.

Your profile photo is seen to every person by using this application and having your contact number, whether acknowledged by you or not.


Whatsapp is a superb software that delivers the greatest advantages to you that you can be provided by an internet messaging application. It is simple to deliver your Whatsapp friends unlimited messages. This may have already been better still when the application might have provided the service to deliver unlimited communications through the nation or globe for free to any number to you.

Why opt for silent auction software?

Silent auction software are Web based, multi-user auction program systems that offer a complete solution for all the charitable fundraising organizations. These programs turns out to be an ideal solution for service club auctions, church auctions, school auctions or any organization that wishes to raise funds using an event based or online auction fundraiser.

Office worker using laptop at office.  Click here for more business photos: [url=my_lightbox_contents.php?lightboxID=1500413][img][/img][/url]  [url=my_lightbox_contents.php?lightboxID=3209528][img][/img][/url]  [url=my_lightbox_contents.php?lightboxID=1800848][img][/img][/url]  [url=my_lightbox_contents.php?lightboxID=1708462][img][/img][/url]  [url=my_lightbox_contents.php?lightboxID=3058977][img][/img][/url]

The customers of the silent auction software vary to a great extent and they can include hundred of churches, schools, service clubs, and human societies along with various charitable organizations. The program supports all key auction formats which mainly include live auctions, online bidding, mobile bidding, door prizes, raffle prizes, advanced ticket sales, multiple winner items and several other user-defined auction formats.

You can easily manage all of your contacts that include both attendees and donors. Moreover, you will be able to easily generate a personalized donation solicitation email and letters or even attendee invitations. Just enter and then track all the donations and instantly check how you are doing with the Event Stats updates. Creating the auction items from your donations is just a snap. You can bundle the multiple donations into single auction items, even create multi-winner auction items with just a few simple clicks. Take a print out of all the bid sheets on any format you want, or simply can post all your items for mobile or online bidding. Silent auction software makes it all this simple.

Users can:

  • Claim as well as manage all their contacts
  • Check out the donations
  • Check the event stats including the total donation value, number of donations, event attendance, donation totals given by members.
  • Set reminders and being able to track their team members
  • Promptly come up to speed using the extensive online assistance with context sensitive aid on literally every form.

No more complicated or clumsy spreadsheets are needed anymore. You do not have to email, print or even publish these spreadsheets to others working on the auction just to have it immediately out of date.

With silent auction software, you can actually work in a multi-user team and Web based environment. Any of your team members can access the system from any Web connected system. The silent auction software is beneficial in increasing the productivity of your entire team and also helps improving the profits that you generate from each auction while minimizing your overall efforts.

Task Planning Software for Improved Performances

We are living in a time in which time itself is the most valuable and expensive asset of all. If we are good at time management we can achieve almost every goal in our life. The fast and busy lifestyle allows us hardly any time to waste and thus in order to survive through it, it is necessary that we figure out the ways for better time management. At the corporate levels also, an employee is required to manage time in the best way to complete the job at hand within time.

Task planning software online

The is an online task planning software which helps companies to analyse the performance of their employees and also improve their performances through time management, alerts, escalations and workflows. It is online software that allows the companies to use the built in work flow processes and the internal company policies in order to automate the internal processes and the procedures of the Company.

It also enables the Companies to enforce its policies through electronic means like forms questionnaires, checklists, escalations and alerts etc. The performance dashboards and gauges allow real time reporting of the tasks which also helps in analyzing their efficiency better. The online software also lets the companies to better analyse the employee efficiency and performance with business analytics.

Complete package software

It’s complete software that provides a company with all the support to analyze and improve the performance of the employees by improving their time management skills and efficiency. The analysis of the employees are done through different tools which include workflows, task analysis, drilldown analysis, risk analysis, build an OrgChart analysis and business analysis. The software is perfect for any organisation big or small that wants to increase their employee performance by using more definite means.

There are a few ground rules that an individual must follow in order to complete task within a stipulated time period. Firstly one needs to figure out the tasks that should be completed first and are more urgent. All these tasks should be arranged in a list for better assessment. The next step is to estimate the time that would be required to complete each of the tasks on the list. This step should be followed by strategy planning in which one needs to figure out the approaches that should be taken in order to handle the tasks. These steps help in better time management whenever there is huge number of tasks to be done.